7 Mesteri GTA San Andreas All answer Hoax

The Friends of mania and gentlemen and GTA San Andreas game lovers like me, here I will reveal 7 Mystery GTA San Andreas that everything is a hoax.

Why do I dare say HOAX ?, because it is just a modified version of Gamers that is commonly referred to as Mod or modding. All results can be found in the Mod game GTA SA v 1.0 and above.

Okay ga have a longer length, directly into evidence HOAX its course, Cekidooot ...

1. Ghost Car
This is a car that sangaat rare in GTA SA because this car can walk alone without the driver! when it wrote there are people who want this car mаkе taunya fitting open the door no person at all but from earlier this car to be exact location street lhoo .. I do not know but "Ghost Car" is available in the area Shady's Creek.

Answer: The area Shady's Creek uneven utilized for the Modder to put a car on a downhill, so when Mod already entered the area of ​​visibility player then Mod will react create a Car, and automatically the car going straight downhill walk even without rider ,

2. Foot footprint іn Bіg map
Try now clay map of GTA SA in PS you .. you feel something strange ga? because on the map it was like there was a picture of footprints believed watch as if ga ya pictures!

And he said that given point the arrow in the picture above is the emergence of a bigfoot itself.

Answer: Indeed, there is a map shaped footprints of Bigfoot, but the original version of the game even wait until many years you will not find Bigfoot is because again it is the result of Mod. for you who want to try can download it here and install Mod for GTA SA you.

3. Ghost Graffiti
It Grafitti ga usual because graffiti can hide and emerge at night, this plasticity writing gang names. The existence in the city cemetery.

Answer: I forgot how many missions, but basically you just play all the missions in GTA and you will know the purpose of Graffiti on the wall (nothing to do with ghosts).

4. Thе Leatherface
People who wear a mask cracked and brought chainsaws in hand, it looks like hell madman in GTA SA time? Shady's presence in the creek, the location was austere and gloomy but we have to hide if you want nemuin the "Thе Leather Face.

Answer: The location of logged forest is indeed creepy but not again ,, here is haunted. the Mod that you can download here.

5. CJ's Mom Ghost
It's the ghost of his mother who was at home CJ CJ .. if you want to have to go to the house CJ clay and clay alone he appeared in front of the TV.

Answer: This Suer HOAX, mother CJ already quiet in the hereafter so ga is going to be a ghost
if want clay Playing GTA SA version of Dragon Ball Z, if you use original just wait until going out tuh ga old ghosts.

6. Secret Plасе
Its location is in a city gym deket CJ house, we go to the gym, and after admission, cheat jetpack, and then find a corner room that dark side ... .and waw find an entrance and inside there pintu..lalu Hotel, a racetrack, etc. .. sori ga pictures

Answer: Again, again and again this mod pemirsahhh .., sorry but I am more males modnya upload coz pretty big. if for GTA yg masi ori you try probably just a bare room that ends kayak ga squeezed in Black Hole

7. Rusty Wheels Chair
Most bizarre is the same, this wheelchair just seedy and unkempt in the lake is clean and well maintained. Ga origins in the know there may be another mystery in this wheelchair that might be in the know if we succeed in this game done.
Mystery Game Available in GTA SA get unlimited cash gta 5 hacks

Answer: LOL really fit I read this section, please this people who write before graduated aja sok tau.
I've finished playing GTA SA and rusty wheelchair is completely ga included in the story, perhaps the creator of this game for fun aja wheelchair make parents let me add a dramatic surrounding areas.

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